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Norwegian Wood

This look was immensely inspired by Haruki Murakami’s Norwegian Wood. I’ve been getting a lot of Toru Watanabe vibes after reading the book. It’s like 1969 all over again. At least that’s how I feel right now. This look features my dad’s Vintage Yves Saint Laurent button down long sleeved shirt, my black leather lace-up Zara shoes and my good old cardigan. And thank you to my amazing little brother for taking this photograph.

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Boat Shoes, Ahoy!

Yesterday, I was scheduled to attend a party after my shift. And since I have to be in my work clothes all through out the day, I prepared everything I needed to wear at my car. Everything except shoes. Going home to just get a pair of shoes was definitely out of the question. So by virtue of no choice, I had to buy a new pair. So I ended up getting a pair of navy blue boat shoes from Converse. They’re probably one of the best things I bought out of impulse.

April dela Cruz

I met up with my good friend April dela Cruz several days ago. And I was so drawn to what she was wearing that I couldn’t help but take photos of her entire outfit. It’s very simple, very chic and very cohesive. She really pulled it off. But what’s more amazing about her is that she doesn’t even own a single fashion magazine and doesn’t care for fashion blogs. So I guess it’s true that personal style will always stand out over following trends.


While I was browsing at all the old photo albums from my aunts house, I found my way into her old college photos. I was surprised to know that she used to model back in the day. It’s a shame that only a really few photos survived. I really loved how people dressed up during the 70’s. I absolutely adore her high waisted full skirt, and the prints and colors on it as well. I’ve always known that she had amazing style, but I didn’t expect it to go way back. It only goes to show that impeccable style transcends time.

Navy Blues

Seeing as it is more likely that weather will be wet and gloomy all through out this month, I found another excuse to wear long sleeved sweaters. I’m very proud to say that I only got this at a whopping price of only 20 pesos from our local ukay-ukay. And it’s still in very good condition. It’s amazing how many really good items you can find in there with out the guilt and pressure of spending a lot. The Ukay Queen would be proud. Hype this on Lookbook.

Black & White Stripes

This is what I wore today. It was very chilly all through out the day, even until now. So it was a perfect excuse to wear my black cardigan over my striped Oxygen shirt. Like I said, I like to keep it simple. Oh and a big shout out to Clair for photographing this. 

Black on Black

This is what I like to wear on ordinary casual days. It’ll always be comfort over style for me. You know, nothing fancy. I just like to keep it very plain and simple.

style bible

I was just looking it and automatically I’m reaching for my wallet already. MAybe it’s becasue of watching too much Philippines’ Next Top Model (most of their judges are from Preview magazine) that subliminally i was forced to buy this. And since it claims to be the country’s style bible, might as well buy it—being a lover of fashion myself.