I am a lover of natural light and photography is an ongoing and consuming passion.
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Bruno Mars Live in Cebu

As you all may know, my brother and I got tickets to see Bruno Mars Live in concert here in Cebu. And to say that we had a blast was definitely an understatement. He had a killer set list and I absolutely love the arrangements on the songs. And most importantly, he sounds amazing live. And just like any newbie concert goer, I tried my best to record some of my favorite parts, like the song Count on Me as shown above. My camera wasn’t allowed in the venue, hence the low quality ipod touch video. We only had “standing only” tickets so my feet was so sore after. But seeing him perform live in the flesh, in all his musical glory, definitely made it all worth it.

Me & My Ukulele

Because I’m in a Holiday mood, here’s a video of me playing the ukulele. And yeah that’s pretty much it. Happy Holidays!


The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein

I spend too much time wondering if I am good enough. Never have I wanted someone as bad as I want you. I guess I am the tree, and you’re still the boy, that makes me happy…