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One Fine Day

I had the pleasure of collaborating and working with the amazing stylist & designer, Nicky Roa for this shoot. According to him this was all inspired by “Annie Hall, A Young English Lady on her family’s country house for the Summer, An Education, Never Let Me Go, even Narnia (outside the closet), and a little Reese Witherspoon on her movie ‘Election’ (1999). The point is - Dowdy and Drab. Which also means, a lot of Vintage Florals.” While talking about the inspiration for this shoot, he also added that “It’s my dream shoot. Because it shows my style and aesthetic as a designer.” He is after all one of Cebu’s most promising young designer and a part of the Young Designers’ League of Cebu. This is the first time we worked together on something and I have to admit I was very intimidated with all the clothes he had, whilst I only had my camera and my tiny 50mm lens with me. But it’s really nice that he’s very friendly in person, since we only planned all of this online. As for our model, Camille Veloso, she was definitely nothing short of amazing. I love her personality and I love the way she moves and projects. I really couldn’t ask for a better model. It’s funny how I kept on swearing at how good she is. So narrowing down all 150+ photos was really difficult. Also a huge thanks to Victor Reed for doing the hair & make up and Rieve Reroma for providing assistance during the shoot. I love doing projects like this, especially when you’re doing it with very talented and professional people. This is definitely my favorite shoot to date.

Click Here for high resolution photos for this shoot.

One Fine Day Outtakes

These are some outtakes and a couple of behind-the-scene photos from yesterday’s shoot with stylist & designer, Nicky Roa and model, Camille Veloso. I had an amazing time with the entire team. I really love collaborating and working with them. Plus they’re all very professional. I’m so excited to show you the rest of the photos. I will post the entire set, in full color, very soon.