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Oxygen Spring/Summer 2012

First thing I thought about Oxygen’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection was androgyny. It’s like the boys and the girls have been swapping clothes and they still look good regardless. The collaboration with Spanish artist and fashion designer, Marcela Gutierrez was perfect. This is also the second time I got to see Marie Digby in the flesh. Still as beautiful as ever. The photos above are some of my favorite looks from the show. On a more personal note, their men’s clothes really fit my style to the tee. Also, thanks for the tickets Ed! 

This was the last show I’ve seen during my entire stint at Fashion Week. And I’m glad I ended it with this very beautiful show.

Marié Digby

Me and my friend went to see Marie Digby perform a small gig at a new mall opening event here in Cebu. She’s unbelievably beautiful in real life. And she sounds so amazing live. But what’s so funny about this is whole thing is that she performed in the middle of a Grocery Store while people are shopping around her. It’s very weird, but I really enjoyed her performance. And I agree Marie, It should have been a proper show.