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The Wilhelm Scream

The Wilhelm Scream x James Blake

Raphael’s Spaghetti

Today, I asked my brother to make me his delicious homemade meatless spaghetti. And of course just like any little brother who’s forced to do something by his elder brother, he gladly obliged. And I thought it would be nice to take photos of him in action.

I love how he randomly mixes all the spices and herbs that he felt would go well together in the sauce. The end result has this very Italian kick to it. 

After he’s done, he doesn’t mix everything together, he just sets the sauce and the pasta separately in the table because some people in the house like their spaghetti with a lot of sauce and some don’t. Plus he added Parmesan cheese for added kick.

Et voilà, my brother’s homemade meatless spaghetti! I swear, it tastes really good.

With a Little Help from My Friends

These are some of the photos I took of my amazing friends last week. Featuring from top to bottom: Maica, Kohei, Eunice, Gezeene, Clair and Keisuke. I really love hanging out with them. I can always count on them to make my day a whole lot better. Hurray for super awesome friends.