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Ilaputi’s Vietcondobo

It’s not that often that I share about my obsession for food. But this dish is an exception. I’m talking about my new favorite from my favorite Asian & Fusion restaurant here in Cebu. It’s the Vietcondobo from Ilaputi.

A Vietcondobo is made up of Lemongrass beefadobo with cilantro pesto, chili-garlic, red onions, pickled cucumbers on wheat baguette. 

It’s served on a chopping board with some fries on the side. It’s light, tasty and very cheap. My only concern is how I’ll get the sandwich to fit in my mouth in one bite. And as I was doing my research, (aka Googling about Vietcondobo) I found out that this is exclusively available at Ilaputi. If you’re in town, you should try this. I highly recommend it.

UPDATE: I wasn’t aware of this, but apparently Ilaputi has a weekly photo contest. It was about taking a photo of any dish in their menu. Best photo of the week win. And I won. And this is the prize.

Another Vietcondobo! Thank You so much Ilaputi for the free meal. You guys are the best!