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So I turned 25 today. And it was awesome.

So I turned 25 today. And it was awesome.

When in China, it’s an adventure in itself when eating local food. My favorite meal was when we had Sheep and Beef Dumplings. I was told this was Xi’an’s Specialty. We also had a Cold Tofu Salad that was surprisingly spicy and a Bitter Melon (Ampalaya) Salad with Peanuts, Bean Sprouts and many other unidentifiable things. You really have to keep an open mind when eating legit Chinese Food. It can be weird sometimes but it’s actually really good once you get used to it. Plus I took home my love affair with drinking red tea with me.

21’s Pasta Ricardo

Aside from the usual delicacies native to Bacolod City, the dish that stood out for me during my 4-day stay there was from my favorite restaurant in Bacolod City. And it is also home to the best Illongo fine dining experience in the city. It’s thePasta Ricardo from 21 Restaurant. It is made up of Fettucini with chopped mussels sauteed in olive oil and garlic, topped with parmesan cheese and homegrown softshell crab.

21 Restaurant is aptly named after its address which is 21st Lacson Street, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental. It is definitely one of the better looking, and better tasting restaurants in the city. A trip to Bacolod is never complete without visiting 21 Restaurant.

On a more personal note, I think I may have really given in to my inner foodie.

Ilaputi’s Vietcondobo

It’s not that often that I share about my obsession for food. But this dish is an exception. I’m talking about my new favorite from my favorite Asian & Fusion restaurant here in Cebu. It’s the Vietcondobo from Ilaputi.

A Vietcondobo is made up of Lemongrass beefadobo with cilantro pesto, chili-garlic, red onions, pickled cucumbers on wheat baguette. 

It’s served on a chopping board with some fries on the side. It’s light, tasty and very cheap. My only concern is how I’ll get the sandwich to fit in my mouth in one bite. And as I was doing my research, (aka Googling about Vietcondobo) I found out that this is exclusively available at Ilaputi. If you’re in town, you should try this. I highly recommend it.

UPDATE: I wasn’t aware of this, but apparently Ilaputi has a weekly photo contest. It was about taking a photo of any dish in their menu. Best photo of the week win. And I won. And this is the prize.

Another Vietcondobo! Thank You so much Ilaputi for the free meal. You guys are the best!

Thai Fried Chicken
Yesterday for lunch, I had my favorite, Thai Fried Chicken from Spice Fusion, My number one go-to place for my Southeast Asian cuisine fix. The mangoes mixed with the hot chili sauce is to die for.

Thai Fried Chicken

Yesterday for lunch, I had my favorite, Thai Fried Chicken from Spice Fusion, My number one go-to place for my Southeast Asian cuisine fix. The mangoes mixed with the hot chili sauce is to die for.

Good Morning!

Good Morning!

Happiness In Two Boxes

Happiness is being surprised with two boxes of Krispy Kreme from Manila, that is especially given to a Krispy Kreme deprived boy in Cebu. My heart swells with joy as I savor each one because it’s not everyday that I get to have these food coma inducing doughnuts. We don’t have Krispy Kreme here, yet. So I guess monthly packages will just have to do. Anyway, here’s to trans fat, calories and a happy binge eating ahead!

Raphael’s Spaghetti

Today, I asked my brother to make me his delicious homemade meatless spaghetti. And of course just like any little brother who’s forced to do something by his elder brother, he gladly obliged. And I thought it would be nice to take photos of him in action.

I love how he randomly mixes all the spices and herbs that he felt would go well together in the sauce. The end result has this very Italian kick to it. 

After he’s done, he doesn’t mix everything together, he just sets the sauce and the pasta separately in the table because some people in the house like their spaghetti with a lot of sauce and some don’t. Plus he added Parmesan cheese for added kick.

Et voilà, my brother’s homemade meatless spaghetti! I swear, it tastes really good.


S&R is now my favorite place in the world. I always get so happy whenever I’m surrounded by all my favorite treats that I don’t get to see at our local grocery stores. This has got to be my guiltiest guilty pleasure ever. And sometimes I only go all the way there for the food.

something about me

I like my instant pancit canton noodles hard. My thing for hard noodles began a few years ago when the stove ran out of gas while I was boiling the noodles. I still ate it even though I knew it wasn’t boiled long enough. But surprise, surprise! I absolutely loved it. I even have a specific way to prepare it—after I drop the noodles in boiling water, it has to be in there in no more than 2 and a half minutes. That’s probably why I don’t fancy eating pancit if I’m not the one preparing it. 

Don’t Judge.