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Cullmann 2105

While I was on vacation, I always kept saying to myself that if only I had a tripod with me I could have taken more sharper photos or I could have taken better photos at night. But I’ve always believed that the universe has a way of making things happen for you if you’re really determined about wanting it. And today was no exception. In some surprising turn of events, my uncle suddenly handed me his old Cullmann 2105 tripod. Imagine my luck. I didn’t even tell him I wanted one. It says in one leg of the tripod that it was made in West Germany. So it was definitely made before the Fall of the Berlin Wall. Which means this tripod is at least more or less 25 years old. It’s even older than me. What’s impressive about this is that it’s still very sturdy, still very functional and also very light weight. I can’t wait to get my hands on taking long exposure shots.