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Aïda by Leontyne Prince

A fews day ago after work, I stopped by at Booksale to check out if my monthly dose of magazines already arrived. But it still wasn’t available, so I hung out in the store for a while. While I was browsing the children’s book section, I saw this book in the corner and I was immediately drawn to its beautiful cover. It’s entitled Aïda by Leontyne Prince. It’s based on the famous opera by Guiseppe Verdi. As I was reading it in the store, I was very drawn with the story and I really wanted to finish this. So I checked the price and I was so surprised to see that this book is on sale for only 5 pesos. The plastic they used to wrap this including the receipt they printed was more expensive. When I got home I Immediately read it. It’s about an Ethiopian princess kidnapped to Egypt and eventually found love there. It was a very light read and the story was very simple. But it’s so deep, so touching and it’s so sad. I think it’s way too morbid for a children’s book. But all in all, the story is amazing. What I also love about this is that the way the characters were beautifully illustrated by Leo and Diane Dillon. They look so, for lack of a better term, so fierce. It was like flipping through a fashion editorial. It’s definitely worth more than the 5 pesos I spent for this.