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This is Barry Weinberg

He is 21 years old. He studies East Asian Languages and Cultures at Columbia University Majoring in Chinese Politics and Economics. He’s from Indianapolis, Indiana but lives with my cousin in New York City. 

And Just like any other student studying anything related to East Asia, one must visit the said region to further understand what they’re studying. He went to Beijing, China for two months. And last week was the end of this stay in China. But before going back to New York, he decided to make a stop here in the Philippines, specifically Bacolod City and Cebu. 

He stayed here for about three days, and it was really nice having him around. I really enjoyed all our conversations together.One thing I’m most impressed by him, wits and intelligence aside, is that he’s so different from most of the Americans I know, or I’ve seen on mainstream media, and even in tumblr. Which is definitely a good thing. Probably why my cousin likes him so much.

Sometimes I wonder how my life is if money was out of the question and I could just decide right away to visit a foreign country anytime I want. So much for day dreams. Anyway he said he was going back here on January with my relatives. I’m definitely looking forward to that.

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