I am a lover of natural light and photography is an ongoing and consuming passion.
Life Lately

I’d like to believe that I tell better stories through my photos than with words. These 10 photos is a little glimpse of what’s been happening in my life so far. There’s a running theme to this. But I’ll leave it up to you to guess what it is.

1. Twilight 2. Cebu at Night 3. Street Lamps  4. Starry Night 5. Caught in the Headlights 6. Reflection 7. Ceramic Flowers 8. Harris 9. Lanterns 10. A Self Portrait.

  1. iantheory said: harris’ adam’sapple made me stare for a while hahaha very prominent
  2. darlingdeux said: your photos are always, always so lovely. <3
  3. the-art-of-jay said: who’s the cute guy? :D
  4. ethanolic said: Beautiful photographs as always! Kudos!
  5. probinsiyano said: parang tumaba kayong dalawa or siya lang. and and and walang couple shot. :))
  6. charlesy said: Lovely photos, Kuya Ryann. :)
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